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Why You Should Travel With EF Ultimate Break

Why You Should Travel With EF Ultimate Break


So you want to travel internationally, but the idea of planning an international trip is overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Who will you find to go with you?  How does one even begin to plan all the things to do when you're over there?  

You do some research and you find bloggers who book one way tickets or manage to travel Europe for only $100 a day.  There are some amazing travel bloggers who plan amazing trips for very low costs which is amazing! That would be the ideal dream.  Who wouldn't want to travel for little to nothing?  However, those trips require extensive travel hacking, planning and experience.  

As a student travel blogger my main focus or niche is budget traveling.  I love to focus on how other people or students can afford travel.  I love showing how travel CAN be very affordable.  With that being said, I recently traveled through 11 countries in Europe with a student organization called EF Ultimate Break.  

This is the first time I have traveled with an agency so naturally I had my hesitations. Traveling with a tour agency made planning a trip so much easier than if I would have tried to plan it on my own.  It provided a sense of comfort while also being affordable and geared towards college students.  

Your first question probably is what exactly or who exactly is EF College Break?  EF is a tour agency geared towards college students that have headquarters all over the world.  They have other brands besides EF Ultimate Break:  EF Gap Year and EF College Study Tours.  Anyone ages 18-29 years old can simply choose from all the trips listed on their site and just sign up.  No application is required.  Tours are hosted all throughout the year, all around the world and they're geared toward a young adult's budget.  

Here are some reasons you should travel with EF Ultimate Break: 


1) Everything is included (minus meals and spending money) 
When you book with EF and pay off your chosen trip, it automatically includes, for no extra charge, a full-time tour director, accommodations, round trip flights, ground transportation within the cities or from city to city, guided tours, and excursions.  The tour directors are fluent in multiple languages and go above and beyond to give you a memorable trip.  Also when traveling with a tour group such as EF, you get perks such as skipping the lines for certain excursions!  Before you leave for your trip, you are added to a facebook group where you can meet your tour director and other travelers who also signed up for your tour! Here, you can think about what you want to do on your free time and get advice from others going on the trip about packing and preparing.  Another perk of traveling with EF is if anything is to go wrong on your trip (flights, accommodations, tours, etc.), EF takes care of the problem for you.  

2) Meeting New Friends from Around the Country! 
I personally choose to travel with EF because I couldn't find anyone willing to commit 6 weeks financially or time wise to travel Europe and I wasn't going to backpack 11 countries by myself! While traveling with complete strangers sounds very overwhelming, it is not at all! Like I said above, you meet everyone on your trip in your facebook group ahead of time so you can start getting to know each other.  Also, many of the people who attend EF trips are traveling alone, which makes it a good environment for meeting new people in your tour group. I think only 3 girls out of my group of 30 knew each other ahead of time so most of everyone is alone as well.  I got especially close to 3 girls on my trip and we already have plans to travel again this year together! They weren't JUST my Europe friends, but instead they're not my lifelong friends.  If you can travel with someone, you can pretty much do anything with them because traveling with someone is harder than people think! 


3) The Cost
When you first start looking at the trips and the costs you will probably be turned off and think that it is too expensive.  But if you search for a flight, it alone can be anywhere from $900-$1200! If you start researching on your own, you will see how everything you want to do starts adding up very quickly.  When booking with EF the cost of the trip isn't due upfront.  They allow you to make a downpayment of a minimum of $150 and allow you to do monthly payment plans! EF even has promo codes and discounts throughout the year.  

4) The Cultural Experience
Some people may think that if you travel with an agency you automatically are exempt from getting the cultural experience.  I will be the first to say that is false.  EF College break trips are not just vacations you take.  EF offers excursions allowing travelers to immerse themselves culturally.  For example, on my trip I visited an Italian family's vineyard and while they served us a homemade Italian meal.  I also was able to visit a clog and cheese farm in Holland where they hand make clogs! 


Also, when traveling with EF I always felt very safe.  EF offers optional travel insurance and a 24/7 emergency call line! And our tour director was always available 24/7 when we needed her which was also very reassuring.  

The trip was planned very well and very organized.  When researching possible trips you are interested in, they offer a sample itineraries to give you an idea of what the trip will include while also allowing free time that is built into the itinerary.  The itineraries are an excellent balance of free time and planned activities.  It gave me the opportunity to explore what I wanted while I was abroad.

Traveling with EF was very relaxing in the sense that all I had to plan was what I wanted to do in my free time and pay my monthly bill.  All the planning and booking was taken care of as soon as I booked my trip. 

While traveling with a group is not for everyone, EF is perfect for people who don’t want to plan an international trip on their own, for those who are new to traveling, or for people traveling solo.  If you are interested in booking a trip with EF click here to start your international adventure! 


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