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Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin City Girl 

If you're a history buff and looking for a city with character, Berlin is the city for you. Berlin is an old city with a young heart and one of the most diverse cities in Europe. Hip and trendy Berlin is an energetic destination. It is one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities with a vibrant music and art scene. A few must see and do's when visiting Berlin is Alexanderplatz and Fernsehturm TV Tower, Checkpoint Charlie, Bradenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews, and Berlin Wall (of course).  

When planning a trip to Berlin, it might be helpful to consider cost of transportation when you're budgeting.  Berlin is a huge spread out city so you probably will be using public transportation to get around. A standard single journey ticket costs 2.80 euros and a short distance ticket is 1.70 euros. If you're making three or more trips in a day a day pass is suggested.  A day pass costs about 7 euros. You can use the same ticket on trains, buses, and trams.  For 15 euros/day you can fit in like a local by renting a bike to get around! 

Alexanderplatz & Fernsehturm is Germany’s most famous city square contains the 368-meter high Fernsehturm TV tower. You can visit the tower’s observation deck for brilliant views of the city. (You can also see the tower from everywhere in the city.) 

Checkpoint Charlie was the Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.  A visit will feel a bit tourist-y. But when combined with a visit to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, you’ll learn about the Berlin Wall and the many escape attempts by East Germans, you might be surprisingly moved by the experience.  Adult admission to the museum is 12.50 EUR, with discounts available for students. This is a definite must in the city. You can also pay to have your picture taken with the soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie.  

Bradenburg Gate is one of Berlin's most important monuments.  It is built on the site of an old city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel. It’s located in the western part of the city and is surrounded by embassies and government buildings.  It was built after the successful restoration of order during the early Batavian Revolution. It is now a symbol of unity.  

After visiting the concentration camp, the Holocaust was very much still on our minds.  We had the incredible opportunity to visit the Memorial to the murdered Jews. This is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.  There are 2,711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern, standing very tall in height. It is very moving to walk through the concrete blocks and remember the fallen victims.  There is also an attached underground "Place of Information", that is free, which holds the names of approximately 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims.  The memorial is actually close to the Bradenburg Gate so if you are wanting to visit both sites they aren't far from each other. 

Another must see is The Berlin Wall.  Parts of the wall go through memorial parks, other parts, the East Side Gallery, go along the highway and river covered with art, and other parts do not exist and are represented with markings. The East Side Gallery is the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall.  Here you will find famous paintings such as the “Fraternal Kiss”, depicting a kiss between Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev and East Germany’s SED Party Chairman Erich Honecker.  Another must see while visiting historic Berlin.

I came across a vintage café in Berlin called Café Gestern Heute Morgen, which means café yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is located in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. This is your picture perfect café, small and cozy.  Inside they have green velvet couches. The menus  consisted of small books that you can flip through.  This café looked like something you would see on Pinterest.  Very delicious food, different options, including vegan.  The café only takes cash, but prices are very reasonable. Nothing on the menu costs more than 10 euros.  Service was excellent, they had no problem understanding my foreign self, so don't let the language barrier stop you!  If you're in Berlin stop by and give it a taste! 

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