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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Happiest Country in the World 

Arriving to Copenhagen I instantly knew it would be different than the other cities in Europe I have visited.  It was everything I imagined it would be: edgy, stylish with a sense of adventure, and very livable.  I could easily move in tomorrow.  Those are just a few of the reasons Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world.  

One thing to do when in Copenhagen is see sherbet-hued townhouses in Nyhavn (17th century waterfront district).  You can take a canal ride for an hour, touring the city by ferry, which I HIGHLY suggest doing.  This picture perfect scene will have you fall in love with Copenhagen at first sight.  Classy restaurants fill the port while people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by the canal, along with enjoying some jazz music.  What a lively, fun place just to hangout and go for a stroll. One of my favorite parts about Copenhagen. 

One of the best ways to explore Copenhagen is by bike.  The Danish people have an undying love for them! I applaud this for many reasons, but mostly because it is environmentally friendly. Be like a local and take a bike tour or just rent a bike for the day and live like the Danes do! 

While I love exploring deep in the city, I also like to escape the world wind of the city.  I explored the King's Garden which is the oldest park in Central Copenhagen.  It was the gardens of the King Christian IV's Rosenborg Castle. It was the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore this green space.  

I had the opportunity to visit Tivoli, Copenhagen's amusement park. Before visiting I researched the history of it.  It is the second oldest operating, amusement park in the world and inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland!  Upon entering Tivoli, I felt like a kid again.  The smell of popcorn, the noise of people screaming with joy as they were getting tossed around on rides, it was like I had stepped back into time.  Along the wall was a row of fun house mirrors which took me back to my childhood as I laughed at my distorted body.  It has many attractions that could keep visitors busy for hours such as a laser light show, pantomime show, and nostalgic rides.  It has not lost its old world charm, keeping in the tradition of an old amusement park theme.  There is an old midway filled with old fashioned games and you can even play bumper cars like you did as a kid.  Tivoli isn't just an amusement park, in the summertime it is also used as a venue for outdoor concerts!  You don't need to go on rides to have fun here, I simply walked through the park marveling at the different displays. I loved the Chinese inspired pavilions and the pirate ship in the middle of the lake. There are several restaurants in the gardens as well. Tivoli amusement park brought me back to my youth and and gave me a nostalgic feel.  

One thing I do suggest everyone doing during their trip to Copenhagen is taking a stroll through Christiania also known as Freetown Christiania.  It is a bohemian neighborhood in Copenhagen that declared itself as a free state within Denmark.  It is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, and music venues.  If you are a person who enjoys street art, second hand stores and artsy, hippies you will enjoy your time here.  There are street murals on every corner.  Christiania is a society within a society meaning you cannot buy a house in Christiania.  You have to apply for it and if successful, it is given to you.  The area is open to the public and even have guided tours run by the locals. For safety, visitors are advised not to film or photograph in Christiania due to the hash dealing which is illegal in Denmark. Upon entering you will come across signs with "do's and don'ts" it is also advised you take them seriously. Don't be intimidated by this, Christiania is full of vibrant scenery with a gritty edge. 

There are 1,000 different places you can eat in Copenhagen ranging from nice restaurants to bars to cute instagram worthy cafes.  But one place that really stuck out to me was Cafe No. 11.  Yes it is literally called Cafe number 11, but this is your typical European cafe, which is what made me fall in love with it.  It is a cozy cafe that is only a few minutes from the palace and 15 minutes from Christiana.  I sat outside on the street in the sun drinking my coffee and eating my pastry, which made it a perfect spot to relax.  They serve delicious coffee, different cakes and pastries.  The atmosphere makes this place special. 

Copenhagen captivates tourists of all types, the young and restless, or the old and bold.  Copenhagen has something for everyone.  One thing that stood out from the other cities in Europe I visited, was I left thinking I could live there.  I was ready to move into a pastel colored apartment.  With it's friendly locals, delicious food, laid-back vibes, an endless amount of things to do, the list goes on on why this is the happiest country in the world.  

Copenhagen you've captured my heart and I am eager for the day I return.  

 King's Garden

King's Garden

 Cafe No. 11

Cafe No. 11

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia