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Paros, Greece

Paros, Greece


We are off to a Greek Island!! I took a four and a half hour beautiful ferry ride across the Mediterranean Sea from Athens to the island of Paros.  When I found out I had to take a four and a half hour ferry ride to get there, I was dreading it! I was so stressed.  The idea of being on a ferry for that long was awful.  When we arrived to the ferry, I was pleasantly surprised.  First off, our transportation was no ferry.  It was a cruise ship.  No, it didn't just look like a cruise ship it indeed was a cruise ship.  A very huge white boat with several floors and restaurants. Actually it is a high speed ferry.  Here is the website for the high speed ferry that travels throughout the Greek Islands. https://www.ferries.gr/hfd/ My worry quickly came to an end!  I think I could manage to stay on a cruise for four and a half hours.  My ticket for my seat was amazing too! I sat in this huge leather recliner with a TV up front on the wall not to mention the seats had plugs for you to charge anything at the touch of your fingertips.

The ride flew by and we arrived to our hotel in Paros.  We stayed at Hotel Aegon.  I was so giddy when I arrived to the hotel because it was everything you pictured a Greek island building to look like.  It was white with blue trim.  The blue shutters and blue gating looked perfect against the white building.  My group dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed straight for lunch at the beach! We ate freshly caught fish with feta, tzatziki, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pork. I was in heaven. Our lunch spot was in a cabana right on the beach.  The water was crystal blue and so clear.  

Most of the Greek Islands all look very similar, white buildings with blue trim. But they all have subtle differences.  For example, the island of los is party central.  The island of Santorini has history and Mykonos is luxurious.  So what does Paros have?  Paros is quiet and laid back. It looks very similar to Mykonos and Santorini, but without the mass of tourists. Santorini and Mykonos are beautiful, but there are more tourists than locals, it's not the REAL Greece.  Although Paros is probably not the island your friends told you about or the island you see all over Pinterest, you'll have just as much fun on this island as you would in Mykonos.  On this island, you'll actually be able to afford souvenirs for friends and family without using your emergency credit card!  

Wondering around Paros, it feels like a small, personal village.  We spent the days in Paros exploring the villages and walking through the alleys.  One night my roommate and close personal friend, Jaramey, and I hiked up this big, beautiful hill and had the most amazing view.  We sat at the top of this hill and just looked at all the seaside villages all lit up. It was so nice to escape from downtown where the hustle and bustle whirled and just be on top of the serene hill.  No one else was around and we were just taking it all in.   

I also took a BBQ boat ride around the islands.  We had three stops on the boat.  The first stop was at this giant rock in the middle of the sea where an abandoned church was built.  People could climb up the rock and jump off.  Essentially, it was cliff jumping.  The next stop was a cavern that you could swim into.  Our final stop, went to a small beach on Antiparos, which is only a 10 minute boat ride from the island of Paros. Here, the boat crew barbecued chicken and pork kebobs, fresh Greek salad, and different kinds of wine for us.  It was the definition of paradise. 

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece