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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre: Fiat Free Italy

After leaving Siena, we headed to Cinque Terre, pronounced "chink-a-terra".  Cinque Terre consists of five towns full of colorful houses and vineyards that cling to steep terraces. They have harbors that are filled with fishing boats and seafood specialties along with famous sauces such as pesto. We visited three of the five villages.  Our first stop was Manarola.  Manarola is a small town in the province of Liguria in, northern Italy, and it is the second smallest of all the villages in Cinque Terre.  Manarola definitely set the bar very high for the rest of the villages.  When I think of the coast of Italy, I think of pastel colored buildings along the coast.  This is exactly what Manarola looks like!  The water was the bluest blue and the whole town was picturesque.  

Next, we took a train to Vernazza.  In this town there are more colorful houses that surround the small marina. Vernazza looked very similar to Manarola; however, the village had it's own flare.  We enjoyed delicious food and even tried their famous pesto!  The restaurants were all outside under umbrellas with an amazing view of the water.  

Our last and final stop town was Monterossa.  This is where I laid on the beach, swam in the ocean, and sunbathed. Here you can find cars, hotels, rentable beach umbrellas, crowds, and a thriving late- night scene.  Not to mention they also have hole-in-the-wall shops.  The beach is the only extensive sand beach in the Cinque Terre.  If you are wanting to go the beach in Cinque Terre, Monterossa is the place to visit! 

You can visit all five villages by train. 

Because it is hard to capture such a beautiful, picturesque place with words,  I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Venezia, Italia

Venezia, Italia

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