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Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

FLORENCE! Florence certainly had a different feel/vibe than Rome. Don't get me wrong.  I LOVED Rome. But after coming from such a busy metropolis, it was so nice to visit a more relaxed city.  Florence has all the beauty and history of Rome, but with a modern and young atmosphere.  One thing Florence is known for is leather. If you want to buy genuine leather in Italy, Florence is the place!

One thing I appreciated most about Florence was the beautiful street music.  On my first night in the city, I heard what I thought was an angel singing.  Instead, it was a beautiful violin being played so elegantly.  The violin is my favorite instrument to listen to and the lady playing it definitely knew how to make the violin come to life.   There were two other men were playing a duet on the street. One played a violin and the other a cello. Together they created the most beautiful sound!  It was the sound you might hear in a movie when something and is about to happen and the music suddenly gets faster and faster.  Italy is known for its artisans who paint, draw, create music, and build beautiful architecture.  Italy knows art!

We walked across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge which was the only bridge not destroyed during World War II.  When you look down upon the Arno River, you see a of couple restaurants that have been built into the hills along the river with outdoor areas where people were enjoying life. The next day my friend and I explored Florence on our own and came across lots of different treasures as we immersed ourselves into the streets.  I found Florence hard to navigate in the sense that all the streets looked the same to me.  

The hostel where we stayed was the Plus Florence CB Hostel.  Amenities included a pool, bar, rooftop, restaurant, laundry, WIFI that actually loaded, and decent sized rooms. This was the first hostel we stayed in on the trip.  It was also the best place we lodged. 

After three days in Florence, I was sad to leave but was also extremely excited to continue our travels to northern Italy. Florence is a MUST SEE city!