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Siena, Italy

Siena, Italy

In Italy, our tour traveled to Siena.  Siena is a very small, quaint town that is set in the middle of Tuscany.  First thing I did upon arriving in Siena was to eat more pasta! You will never have pasta like genuine Italian pasta so, when in Italy eat the pasta! The fan shaped town square, which is called Piazza del Campo, is filled with all different types of restaurants and cafes with a huge clock tower in the middle. The town also has 17 historic districts that extend outward from the town square which makes the entire town all uphill.  This is where you can find nice shops.  

After exploring Siena for a little, my friend convinced me we needed to trek up the big 14th century clock tower, Torre del Mangia, to get the best view of Siena.  The trek up the clock tower was 400 steps to the very top of the tower.  Four hundred steps doesn't sound like that many, but for someone who has seen the inside of a gym only ten times in her whole life, it was a lot!   The steps are steep and the tower is narrow.  Therefore, if you are claustrophobic, I wouldn't suggest this for you.  The tower is well managed to help avoid clogging of people going up and down. Obviously, you can not bring big bags, books, bottles and other big objects on the trek.  Complementary lockers are provided to store personal items.  The ticket was only 10 euros to climb to the top. When you start climbing, you probably will ask yourself, "Why did I paid for this?"  But when you're at the top, it's all worth it! The view was stunning.  You get a 360 degree view from the tower of Siena's town square and at the top it is very breezy so you quickly cool off.  Don't be intimidated and miss an incredible opportunity to get an amazing view of Siena! If I can climb the tower, anyone can.  

When traveling it is very important for you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things to gain new experiences.  So just want to thank my friend Jaramey for encouraging me to climb this tower because I wasn't for the idea at first.  However, I am so very glad I ended up doing it because I would've missed out on a really cool experience.  

Between the sun, eating pasta, and getting an amazing view of Siena, I highly suggest everyone stop in this beautiful medieval town for a visit.  You won't be sorry.